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Notepad++ is the enhanced version of the Notepad application launched by native Microsoft. It is great IDE platform that can be used for writing purpose and coding purpose as well. Users can make better framework using Notepad++ with HTML coding. It supports variables, triggers better programming experience with utmost ease and convenience. It is mind blowing application for CSS or JavaScript code writing. It is helpful for other languages too because it can hold new number of codes designed at platforms. It has formatted with different languages for more color blending option. Notepad++ has very tiny size and it can be installed within lower system configuration. It do contain number of extra benefits which we will discuss further in this article.


Microsoft Notepad option is a great option as it implies better and quick load time. But due to some limitation of framework and no library in app, it do not provide such beyond the boundary feature. Due to which, Notepad++ was designed by the developers to overcome such limitations. It has wider the scope of programming with in-app number of logics and library. Notepad++ is packed up with simple and smoother programming feature and it sets a benchmark to get color coding. Excellent application with fascinating fast loading time. Moreover Notepad++ has superb IDE for Cascading Style Sheet and HTML, which can bring up number of benefits to user.

Before we start, take a look on the few of the pros and cons that comes with Notepad++.


  • Easy to use with simple interface
  • Tiny in Size
  • Faster loading time
  • Text Highlighting option
  • Comparison Capabilities
  • Advance framework
  • Better IDE for CSS and HTML


  • Can’t handle file with size more than 200 Mbps

Notepad++ is an efficient way for coding procedure comes up with satisfactory coding result. Most of the time results that come up, are in favor of user and it do not make any hindrance after the execution. Coder can either highlight the main highlight of the code as well, that enables him to recognize the main proportion of it. This simply assist coders and bring variety of features to design better in lesser time. It saves time and pay off extra hard work done by the coder as compare to the default Notepad comes with operating system. Functionality of the coding needs few efforts unless in notepad. Notepad++ helps user with arrange of texting/coding to get better reading format. So that coder can get on the some coding line without sticking to the whole paragraph. Coder can easily make a note where he think the change could be made in near future. The interpreter allows many of advance functioning which can relate effortless editing by coders.

Coder can install extra plug-ins which allows him to run program during the coding. The run time of the code will be faster as compare to most of the coding software. Notepad++ is open source software used for text editing purpose. The sublime thing about this software is supportive behavior with most of the languages which makes it attractive and workable on.


The main competitor of Notepad++ is Sublime editing tool, according to the reports. But we have made some facts which can change your mind if you are using sublime despite this amazing tool, Notepad++. Very first thing that makes Notepad++ better, is it’s an open source tool. You can download Notepad++ from internet for free. Also Notepad++ support multiple languages along with text highlighting feature. It prevents user from work inside boundaries and motivate to grab more tools and features at one place.

Line Numbering

This is one of great advantage that every coder like about Notepad++. This enables line numbering that helps while editing. User can directly go to the particular line of the source code to edit it. Instead of checking whole code thoroughly, user can directly jump to the source line to edit. This helps to save efforts and time as well. If coder is working on the large coding source files, he can take advantage of Search/Replace button. This option help up to sort out confusion during the editing against similar data sources. Whereas user can surely search of the particular coding line or can make changes with Replace option.

Pocket Version

It is very helpful for instant use, all thanks to pocket version mode. You can use Notepad++ application without installing, simply unzip it and use it immediately. It may limit some of the features but can use necessary function easily. The get upgraded and can receive regular basis updates to fix bugs and errors. It also contains plug-ins and few opportunities to grab user attentions. Meanwhile you can save your bunch of time despite installing it first and then to start it. Nevertheless, Notepad++ is a compact package suit for coders with easy to approach plugins options.

Last Words

If you are fed up of using the old school platform for coding purpose, then stop here. Notepad++ is a complete package for simple and convenient coding purpose with number of advantages. It is very simple to download and you can start coding in few whiles. Main USB of the Notepad++ application tool is fastest load time. You can get ultimate benefits along with faster load time like text highlight, in app runtime execution and much more. That’s all for now about Notepad++, if you have any doubt related to it, leave it in a comment section below.

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