Free Notepad++ Download with Best Tricks

Number of text editors are available in the market. But due to lack of simplicity and fluent user interface, no text editor could replace Notepad++. It is an open source software tool used for text editor which you can use for text editing, modification, writing and coding. Millions of people often choose Notepad++ over others and the reason is they get bored of. Whereas in Notepad++, user always feel interacted with it. This feature rich text editor is almost popular and ranked among top 5 text editors. But if you are not familiar with Notepad++, allow us to elaborate some of the mammoth features that can blow your mind.

Free Notepad++ Download with Best Tricks

We will discuss some of the extra activities or kind of smart stuff that Notepad++ do for us. Like automatic complete repeated words and lot more. There are some features that makes it completely different than others. While having bulk of benefits, it still manage to be as simple as it was. Despite simple writing or text editing, Notepad++ is also a better medium for coders as well. It is far superior as compare to leading platforms. Due to tricky features and modified menus, it seems difficult to use appropriate tools at a time. In case of Notepad++¸everything tool is there where it should be. Notepad++ is just an upgraded version of Notepad with some great benefits. So let’s just waste time and getting straight forward to the features provided by Notepad++.

Top 5 Benefits of Notepad++

  1. Create own Theme and set as default

Notepad++ allows you to code your own kind of themes and stuff. You can easily change theme of Notepad++ by putting in your one. To do so, there are few things you required like .xml extension, you theme you have made or download. Just place both of things inside the folder as directory given below.

C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\themes

Above given link is folder location in which you need to paste extension. Make sure to change the username as same as your real username of system. Because if you will forget to do so, nothing will happen. After being done with all this, go to settings> style configuration. Drop it down and select your themes from the options. This is so easy and sober. You can put in your atmosphere while working on it.

  1. Files open up in Tree view

Most of the people especially coders or programmers will understand advantage of tree view. In this field, coder has to go through different files. More than one file might be opened sometime. And Notepad++ makes it easy to identify various folders at one. All thanks to tree view, due to which user can easily maintain whole structure of the coding derived from the folders. In this part, users do not need to open separate folders to know what the folder include.

  1. Find Words in multiple files

It is an indeed feature as well because it helps to recover over mistakes made by user while writing and coding. In case you have done any mistake in more than one file. To correct them all by opening each file will be waste of time and efforts. To overcome this disadvantage, Notepad++ provide a feature which allows you to find and replace words in more than one file. Meanwhile you can easily replace error in just blink of eyes. To perform this function, press Ctrl+F and select Find option. Write the word you want to find and done.

It will thoroughly check out all files segments you have selected. Within few moments, error will be in front of you. After being done with Find operation, later you can replace it with a word or words with same procedure under Replace function.

  1. Launch Code

After designing a page, you can immediate check out the view with launch code feature. It is an option which allows you to execute certain piece of code whenever you want. It is so quick and easy to operate.

Run > Launch in Firefox/IE/Chrome/Safari.

  1. Automatic features

It has some auto features that enables it to do things automatically like completing repeated words, repeated tasks, renaming of bulk files etc. You can save your time and efforts using this feature. It can easily do some of the important actions on your behalf.

So these were few of the tricks and tips of benefits you can get with Notepad++. Apart from these, lot of other benefits are left that you can observe after using it. Download it now for free and in case you have any issue related to download, do let us know in the comment section below. For more freshly information, stay in touch.

The 5 Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Windows

Notepad is an open source and one of most used tool for text editing. It is available in every windows operating system. But when it comes to other operating systems, it is not available for free. It has a long history since windows 1.0 and due to which notepad has gain millions of users. It is just like a paper and pen placed right next to you. Clean and simple interface is the key specification of notepad. It is very easy to use and perform such operation on it. It is also useful for coding purpose as well like HTML etc. It is a program in which you don’t need any text formatting at all, as it is plane tool for text editing. Users can code by using HTML formats as well. After the grand success of Notepad, windows indulged a brand new product for text editing called Notepad++.

It can be said that notepad++ is an upgraded version of the notepad. In this text editing tool, you can get some advance features that makes notepad experience even better. What if you get some extra features without overkill softness of notepad in an alternative tool? You can get variety of benefits along with text editing. In this article, we are going to elaborate top 5 Best Notepad++ alternatives for Windows. You can also use these alternatives in any other operating system. So let get started with new amazing text editing features.

The 5 Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Windows

  1. EditPad Lite

It is a complete blend of notepad++ and notepad because it has some likely features which you experienced. Main reason behind the success of this tool is, it doesn’t highlight code while preparing for a syntax. As compare to notepad++, it highlight every syntax and code whether it is needed or not. Meanwhile if you are looking for a simple text editing tool, then it is a good option for you. It has no links with coding interface, unless you begin coding.


  • You can open unlimited number of text files at once. Elitepad easily handle out all data files without slow down the system.
  • It has got a finest search bar along with place features. No other text editing tool has got something like this.
  • Packed up with Clip Collection feature. This allows you to store number of text snippets that you can use later for quick texting procedure.
  • Automatic file saving option.
  • Automatic backup schedule feature to support no-loss data pattern.
  • Unlimited Redo & Undo even after file has saved.
  1. PSPad

It is typical text editing tool that you can use as an alternative of notepad++. It is made considering coder audience, hence includes more features to support syntax and other coding activities. It comes with built-in FTP client mode, user defined highlights, macro recorder etc. You can have full HEX edition and integrated CSS edition as well. It contains all normal operation performed by normal users like spell checking, auto-capitalization, auto text correction etc. these are the features that every user expect in a text editing tool, hence PSPad provides these all.


  • Multiple tabs to access more data operation
  • Quick action
  1. Notepad 2

You can imagine it as a lookalike of windows notepad because it is almost same features as in notepad. But it contains some extra benefits like syntax highlighting while coding. It is very helpful when one is thinking about coding with a text editing application tool. You can also have regular expression search feature too. You can easily search particular abbreviation used in the paragraph or while coding. You can enjoy hassle free coding experience with Notepad 2.


  • Long line marker
  • Auto indent
  • Brace matching
  • Rectangular selection using mouse
  1. TED Notepad

TED Notepad is a basic version of text editing tool applications. It has got all important advantages that user require for normal use. Unlimited Undo/Redo, outlining of text and various benefits are concluded in it. You can consider it as a faster text editing program with better option and operations. It also brings you auto save and recovery file features which is not so common among all text editors. It mean if user forget to save file or any incident happened with battery of the system, TED notepad is capable of auto save file. No more data loss will occur.


  • Auto completion
  • Permanent clipboards
  • Text transforming tools
  • Useful for faster loading action and multiple data files manipulation
  1. Note Tab Light

Note Tab Light can be considered as the one of most powerful text editor out there due to incredible features and speedy operation. You can take it as the best replacement of windows Notepad++. It comes in two version, paid and free. It is made up aiming every kind of audience like normal users and coders. Everyone can use Note Tab Light text edition application flawlessly. In the free version of the Note Tab Light, some of features are not included. Note Tab Light merged useful operation and bring you complete package for coding purpose and text editing as well. But to explore all the stunning features, you need to buy the full version of this tool. This is because, free version doesn’t include all advantages.


  • Text snippet feature with even more dedicated slots
  • On the Go calculation in between the text
  • Variable width and style of font
  • Better support for HTML and CSS


Text editor has so many version in all alternatives but only few are there those overtake performance and features factor of windows Notepad++. Above given Top 5 Windows Notepad++ alternatives are available in free version as well. So if you want to replace your windows notepad++ with an alternative, you must consider these first. It might help you to choose a better text editing program.

Notepad++ Free Download

Notepad++ is the enhanced version of the Notepad application launched by native Microsoft. It is great IDE platform that can be used for writing purpose and coding purpose as well. Users can make better framework using Notepad++ with HTML coding. It supports variables, triggers better programming experience with utmost ease and convenience. It is mind blowing application for CSS or JavaScript code writing. It is helpful for other languages too because it can hold new number of codes designed at platforms. It has formatted with different languages for more color blending option. Notepad++ has very tiny size and it can be installed within lower system configuration. It do contain number of extra benefits which we will discuss further in this article.


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